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Our Passion

Good Credit is a path to a better future. We CAN make a difference in your life by focusing on REMOVING the negative accounts from your credit report which will help in improving your Credit Score …

The Credit Repair process does not have to be a nightmarish experience. We simplify the process by sticking with every step of the process and beyond that… We believe in second chances and that’s why helping our clients achieve an EXCELLENT credit score is our TOP priority.

Why Choose Us ?

The Client Comes First

For us the Customer always have the first place. We don’t just hear your problems we listen them understand them and provide you with the best solution that will help you come out of your problems. We are pro-actively engaged in reviewing the market place everyday which gives us a broader view to help our clients repair their credit. We ensure with our experience on your side you get the most ethical and effective approach in rebuilding your credit.ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

  • Top Ranking Performance

    Real Clique is an A rated credit repair agency. Our team works enthusiastically in one direction and with a common goal of helping people to rebuild their credit. We know the right ingredient that leads to an excellent credit score and a happy customer experience..

  • We Save You Time

    We usually hear that Time is money and we at Real Clique Credit Repair understand the importance of time. We promise on delivering quick result in a short span of time without making you wait for months to show result and thus saving your money by shortening the contract time. Don’t get stuck in a credit repair program that stretches on for months unnecessarily thus making you shell out more money. Save time and money with us!!.

  • Customized Solution

    Different problems have different solutions to it. We carefully examine and understand the nature of the issue in your credit report and moving on we work on it to drive out the negative elements in your credit report that’s affecting your score. Additionally, we also provide counsel and recommendation that you can do to bring a positive change to your credit rating.

  • Dedicated Case Manager

    You are assigned a case manager who will solely work on your account. Your case manager is aware of your problem and will help you during the entire process of credit repair. You will also receive a weekly communication from your case manager on credit education. There is no boundary between you and your case manager and you can have a direct communication with your case manager anytime you want over phone or via email..

  • We Dispute With All Three Major Credit Bureaus

    A majority of lenders will resort to the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Hence, it’s important we work with all three bureaus to fix your credit score on each of their respective platform. When we open your account, we immediately get started on all three bureaus to start our credit repair process..

  • Integrity

    We are a registered Credit Repair Agency with the Department of Justice and are fully licensed specifically in the service we provide. Real Clique Credit Repair is a reputed name in the credit repair and restoration industry and our zeal to exceed our clients expectations makes us stand apart from our competition..

We begin by examining, the client’s credit file held by the three of the major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Trans Union and Experian). Secondly, disputing all accounts containing inaccurate information that are considered to be negative. After successful completion of the above 2 stage you finally receive results in the form of the negative accounts being removed from the credit reporting agencies, additionally we will also guide you on maintaining the credit cleanly. The credit bureaus are private organizations that doesn’t have any legal powers and they collect people’s credit histories after which they sell them to financial institutions without people’s consent. A negative credit history can result in a huge financial setback on you and your life. People often experience this financial jolt when they apply fir a Mortgage loan, car loan or credit card etc and are denied for the same because of their negative credit history. To save people from getting into financial distress caused by the credit bureaus, the United States Congress processed an Act to protect the consumer. This Act is called “The Fair Credit Reporting Act” (Public Law 91- 508) 1970

This act establishes how the reports should be processed. If the reports are not written in accordance with what the ‘law establishes’ the negative accounts must be deleted, regardless that there is reality or not in the status, and regardless of the fact whether they are paid or not. In other words, the reports need to be 100% legally accurate, in order for the negative account to remain.